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Custom Colors for You

Have you ever thought about changing the color of your brick? Have you dreamed of updating your curb appeal by changing the color of your brick?

All City Brick Staining has the solution for you. We work with you to create your desired brick blend by customizing and creating unique brick color blends for your home. The cost to rebrick your home can cost you as much as $20 per square foot. The solution we offer is staining the brick on your property to any color you can dream up.

Our certified brick staining artisans stain each brick individually to achieve the blend that you created. This process allows for a uniquely authentic look that is both cost effective and natural looking.

We use potassium silicate based stains that penetrate the brick and lock in the color. We have perfected this process, which allows us to offer a 30 year Maintenance Free Warranty. The cost is as low as $6 per square foot and the highest we charge is roughly $10 per square foot.

Saving over half the cost to rebrick gives you the opportunity to update your curb appeal to maximize your property value.

You can contact us at 312.459.8937 or by email

Check out and like our Instagram page @allcitybrickstaining

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