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PermatintLimiteds Mineral Based Stain & Paint Products

1010 QuartzGuard
Interior/Exterior Silicate Paint

  • 1010 QuartzGuard is a highly durable, opaque mineral paint for interior and exterior use. 1010 QuartzGuard is designed to produce a completely uniform finish and hide background variation. It is highly effective at blending out previous repairs/discolorations/stains and producing a clean, uniform result. It can be diluted up to a maximum of 20% with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase fluidity if desired.


  • Breathable, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, non-combustible
  • Bonds by chemical reaction inside the surface
  • Opaque finish – will hide all background variation and produce a uniform, natural matte finish
  • Comprised of more than 96% natural minerals, odorless and O VOC
  • Highly vapor permeable and water repellent
  • Will never blister or peel
  • Extremely thick making it very easy to roll (does not drip or splatter)
  • Available in all colors on our chart
1020 Silazur
Interior/Exterior Silicate Paint

  • 1020 SiLazur is a highly durable, semi-transparent mineral stain for interior and exterior use.  1020 SiLazur is designed to appear completely natural on the surface and can be diluted to any degree with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase transparency.
1050 Primisil
Interior/Exterior Silicate Paint

  • 1050 PrimaSil is a clear primer, conditioner and thinner for mineral based stains and paints.  It is vapor permeable and helps to balance the surface absorbency prior to applying finish coats.


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