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color matching brick infill

Brick Infills

All City Brick Staining LLC in Chicago specializes in this unique skill of color correcting masonry building materials. We have color matched over 500 infills. Providing our services to masons, contractors, manufacturers, property owners, realtors, etc.. has allowed us to become the solution to so many issues. When you can't find the right brick to match, we custom mix our eco stains and use many different application methods to provide the best color matching possible. There has yet to be a project that we could not color match to our customer's satisfaction. We have a 100% color match success rate to date. 

dye lot correction

Wash Downs

Sometimes there are difficulties for the trades when it comes to acid washing masonry products. This is a common issue that happens when too much acid is used in the cleaning process. It is very difficult to clean these substrates, but fortunately, we are there to put the color back in when this happens. Working to solve these issues is an amazing feeling because we are assisting our brotherhood of tradesmen by being their solution to correct the problem. 

brick staining


If you would like to have had or are thinking of having a brick addition added onto your home, but you can't find the right brick to match the existing brick: we are the solution for this problem as well. By color matching the newly installed brick to match the brick on your property, you can choose to have a brick addition instead of choosing an alternative route. We offer you assistance when choosing the best brick for your addition. 

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