All CityMasonry Staining  Brick Staining Company Contractor  in Chicago, Orland Park and chicagoland area. Brick painting

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Brick Staining in Chicago

Premier Brick Staining in Chicago Orland Park. Brick painting 


All CityMasonry Staining is the Chicagolands premier brick & masonry staining contractor. Since 2005 we have been brick staining across the entire Midwest. We are certified in the use of applying mineral based stains and paints that have a 25 years maintenance free warranty. 

Our Mineral Based Stains & Paints benefits: 

Breathable - Vapor Permeable (79) on the perm scale. (7) is breathable

Zero Voc - Odorless 

Environmentally Friendly - Can be disposed of in landfills. No toxic cleanup

Non-Flammable - Can not burn or melt. 

Water Repellent - Keeps the brick or masonry dry from hazardous acidic rain

Ant-Microbial - Inhibits the growth of Algae



Certified in Color Matching brick, mortar, block, cmu, stone, and any other masonry used in the construction of residential and commercial properties. Premier Brick stainer in Chicago